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15 December 2009

SSAS Quick Tips

Filed under: Analysis Services — Vincent Rainardi @ 6:58 am

Just a very quick post today: if the property is a drop down list, instead of selecting from drop down list, we can double click the property name to change its value:

This is not useful if the drop list has a lot of values, but it’s handy when they have only 2 or 3 values. Like true false properties for example. AttributeHierarchyEnabled, AttributeHierarchyVisible, etc.

I’m sure that some us know this already, but not all of us. So I hope it’s worth sharing small details like this. If it’s worthed it, please let me know (, or via comment), as I have a few more. For example, on the cube structure tab of cube design, if we want to change many measures in one go, we can switch to Measure Grid view. Click on that white 3 columns button. (Click the button, not the drop down arrow, saves us a click).

Then select several measures by pressing control while clicking.

And change the measures property.

Handy when we have many measure to change in 1 go. I used it often for changing MeasureExpression, DisplayFolder and FormatString for a new cube. If it’s too many and they different a little bit, I use AMO to update them. For example, updating MeasuresExpression for 200 measures, or creating 200 calculated measures.

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