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23 June 2010


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SQLBits 7, the largest SQL Server conference in Europe, will take place in York, 30th Sep to 2nd Oct. Different from SQLBits 6 which was only 1 day, SQLBits 7 will take the same format as SQLBits 5. It will be 3 days:

Thursday: in-depth, full day seminar (pay)
Friday: deep-dive, advanced session conference (pay)
Saturday: community day (free)

Submit a session for SQLBits

SQL Server 2008 Data Warehousing Features

Covers data warehousing features in SQL Server 2008 such as merge, change data capture, star join query/bitmap filter, change tracking, minimally logged insert, resource governor, backup compression, data compression and indexed views.

For each point I will explain what they are, why should we use them/what can we use them for in data warehousing, and a demo so you can see it for yourselves.
This is an introductory session. I won’t go into deep technical details about the mechanism of how they work. My goal is to introduce them to you, and if you are interested, you can study them further. Many SQL Server data warehousing “shops” have not used/taken advantage of these features, which is ashame because they are very useful.

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