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28 September 2010

Why write a blog?

Filed under: Other — Vincent Rainardi @ 8:30 am

Some people asked why I write a blog. Some people asked why I wrote a book. Why I spent a lot of hours for it. Why don’t I do other things instead, like relaxing in the garden? They wonder what’s in it for me.

I write blog posts usually at night, or on the train like now. I spend on average probably 3 hours a week writing blog. In 2007 I spent the whole year, from January to December, writing a book. Almost every night and every week end. And my friend asked why I did that.

I also spend a lot of hours preparing presentations. For SQLBits, for SSUG and for other events. The Stock Broker case study I presented at SQLBits 6 in Wales Nov last year, I spent a lot of hours creating the data. My friends wondered why I gave it away. I spent a lot of hours preparing the demos for SSUG at Microsoft (and the coming SQLBits 7). My colleagues wondered why.

I write and present because I want to share my experience and thoughts with others. I believe that the experience, thoughts and ideas that I had, were given by God and in return I have to share it. I understand that not everybody believe in God. Many people don’t. So I’ll share this next reason:

By writing we increase our knowledge. If, say, before writing a book, your level is 5. After finish writing that book, your level would be 8. The same goes with writing a blog. This is because you have to do research. You have to read and you have to test it. You need to be sure that what you write is correct. And in doing so you grow your knowledge.

By writing we learn. And we learn more by writing than by reading.


  1. […] on two minds whether to write a blog and contribute, read BI expert Vincent Rainardi’s take on Why write a blog? I hope it will give you the final push to start your own […]

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  2. It’s interesting to note how your thoughts on writing really apply to any kind of blog, mines on metalwork and making things but the same applies to that as to BI and Data Warehouses.

    Comment by Andy from Workshopshed — 11 September 2013 @ 9:10 am | Reply

  3. I’m new fish of QlikView.Recently I felt puzzled about DW/BI.By reading your blog difference between DW/BI and BI Tools’ ETL.You know it’s great feeling to put the jigsaw in the right place.Thanks for your writing.

    Comment by AdamGao — 22 January 2015 @ 2:22 pm | Reply

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