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27 February 2011

Parent Child Dimension: extra child node

Filed under: Analysis Services — Vincent Rainardi @ 8:03 am

In a Parent Child Dimension (PDC), using the MembersWithData property we can see whether we want to display child nodes with the same parent name or not. For example, if we have a table like this:

We expect to see this: (1)

But by default Analysis Services produce this: (2)

The above screenshot shows that, by default, Analysis Services gives us 1 more child node, which is the parent.

To get (1), change the MembersWithData property from NonLeafDataVisible to NonLeaveDataHidden, like this:

We need to set this MembersWithData property on the parent key column, not on the dimension key column.

Thank you to Mourad Faiz for bringing this to my attention. As always I welcome corrections and discussion at Vincent 27/2/11.

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