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8 March 2011

SQLBits 8 Brighton: Advanced Dimensional Modelling

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I will be presenting Advanced Dimensional Modelling session at SQLBits 8 in Brighton on Saturday 9th April at 12:10 to 13:10. Link to the agenda is here.

The session excerpt is below:

This session is for anybody involved in the design of a data warehouse. Many of us know what dimensions and fact tables are. But as I explained in my blog, dimensional modelling is more than just dimensions and fact tables. This session is about advanced dimensional modelling topics such as Fact Table Primary Key, Vertical Fact Tables, Aggregate Fact Tables, SCD Type 6, Snapshotting Transaction Fact Tables, 1 or 2 Dimensions, Dealing with Currency Rates, When to Snowflake, Dimensions with Multi Valued Attributes, Transaction-Level Dimensions, Very Large Dimensions, A Dimension With Only 1 Attribute, Rapidly Changing Dimensions, Banding Dimension Rows, Stamping Dimension Rows and Real Time Fact Table. Prerequisites: You need have a basic knowledge of dimensional modelling and relational database design.

I’d like to say congratulations all the speakers for getting your session chosen, particularly those who I know: Dr. John Tunnicliffe, Alistair Aitchison, Jamie Thomson, Chris Testa O’Neil, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari. For those who I don’t know yet, I hope I can make your acquaintance there. So to all the speakers and all the audience, see you all there.

Any specific question or request about advanced dimensional modelling please contact me at I will be writing the material in the next 2 weeks. I know the word “advanced” has different meaning from person to person, but I hope I won’t get too many of “that was way too easy for me” or “that went straight through my head”. Vincent 8/3/11.

My slide deck is here. I will put the slides using SlideShare in the next few days. As usual I welcome any comments and questions on

Update 14/4/11: Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation on SlideShare


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