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23 April 2011

IIS in Data Warehousing

Filed under: Data Warehousing — Vincent Rainardi @ 10:44 pm

When your colleague mentions that they are using IIS for their data warehouse load, it’s not Microsoft Internet Information Server that they mean. But IBM InfoSphere Information Server, widely known as IIS.

When people talk about IIS, usually what they meant is IIS Workgroup, not IIS for DW. IBM has 2 IISes:

  • InfoSphere Information Server Workgroup Edition (IIS WE), which is for ETL. It contains DataStage, QualityStage, Information Analyzer, and Metadata Workbench.
  • InfoSphere Information Server for Data Warehousing (IIS DW), which contains the same things as IIS WE, but is for Smart Analytics System.

IIS is quite a comprehensive ETL / data integration tool. It consists of these components:

  • Data Stage: IBM’s main ETL & data integration tool
  • Quality Stage: IBM’s main data quality tool
  • Fast Track: write the mapping spec to generate Data Stage & Quality Stage jobs & reports
  • Business Glossary: to edit business meaning/data dictionary
  • Blueprint Director: link everything: metadata, ETL, data model
  • Information Analyzer: to understand the content, structure and quality of the data
  • Information Services Director: to deploy data stage/quality jobs as web services or EJB
  • Metadata Workbench: create data lineage between database, files and BI models
  • Metadata Server : stores operational metadata like how many rows were written

Some of the best places to get information about IIS are:


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