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27 December 2011

SQLBits 10 London

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The 10th SQLBits conference will be on 29th to 31st March 2012 (Thursday to Saturday) in Novotel London West, London W6 8DR.

This time, the SQLBits will not be just a SQL Server Conference. It will also be the place where Microsoft will announce SQL Server 2012, which is known as Denali. See here [link] for new features of SQL Server 2012.

I have submitted a session for SQLBits 10, titled “Data warehousing bits from my experience” (link).

In the previous SQLBits sessions I’ve shared pretty much the theory of dimensional modelling. See my previous sessions here, here and here.

Enough with the theory now I’d like to share my observations and experience during various data warehousing projects I’ve been and from helping lots of people with issues on their DW projects who contacted me via my blog. And from consulting experience (sometimes between contracts I do consulting, 1 day here and there, advising clients on their DWs) It is very useful to learn what went wrong, how we could better it next time, etc. Be it design decision, testing methods, dimensional modelling, loading mechanism, or cube/BI there are various aspects that I’ve been through that I can share. Of course, there will be no company names, for client confidentiality reason. All that will be I presented will be real cases, but I will have to annonymise them. True that I can’t share any of their data, but I can share the principles and technique of how we addressed those issues and situations.

I take on board the feedback from previous session in Brighton that you don’t like me to “read the presentation”. You would like me to be shorter on the text on PowerPoint slides and tell you more about the slides on the microphone. OK, I will do that.

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