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29 June 2014

SQLBits 12 Telford

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The 12th SQLBits will be in Telford, 17th to 19th July.

On Thursday 17th July there will be 14 world class experts providing 11 one-day seminars in their specialised topics:

  1. Brent Ozar: Virtualization, SAN and Hardware for SQL Server
  2. Itzik Ben-Gan: Practical T-SQL – Efficient Solutions
  3. Jennifer Stirrup: The Data Analyst Toolkit: Microsoft Power BI & R
  4. Marco Russo: Creating a Power BI Solution in one day
  5. Brian Knight: SSIS Problem, Design, Solution
  6. Dejan Sarka: Advanced Data Modeling Topics
  7. Adam Jorgensen & John Welch: Real World Big Data – Deploy, Design and Manage Like a Pro
  8. Niko Neugebauer & Andreas Wolter: In-Memory Technologies in SQL Server 2014: CCI & XTP
  9. Allan Hirt: The A to Z of Availability Groups
  10. Dave Ballantyne & David Morrison: SQL Server Query Processing Internals
  11. Simon Sabin: SQL Server Performance Diagnosis and Query Tuning

On Friday 18th July there will be 13 DBA sessions, 10 Database Development sessions, and 12 BI sessions (plus 1 keynote speech). These 35 sessions will be conducted in 8 rooms i.e. 8 one-hour sessions running in parallel.


  1. Denny Cherry: Using SQL Server Always On Availability Groups
  2. Brent Ozar: Watch Brent Tune Queries
  3. Klaus Aschenbrenner: Latches, Spinloc and Lock Free Data Structures
  4. Simon Sabin: Achieving PCI With SQL Server – Don’t be the next Sony
  5. Allan Hirt: Patch Management Strategies for SQL Server Deployments
  6. Ola Hallengren: Inside Ola Hallengren Maintenance Solution
  7. Hue Holleran: SAN eye for the SQL girl/guy
  8. Tim Ford: Tim’s Top Ten Templates
  9. Thomas LaRock: Cardinality Estimates in Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  10. Gail Shaw: Do’s and don’ts of database corruption
  11. Grant Fritchey: Monitoring Windows Azure SQL Server VMs and SQL Databases
  12. Gavin Payne: Designing Quality SQL Server 2014 Solutions
  13. Matan Yungman: Query Progress Tracking in SQL Server

Database Development:

  1. Dejan Sarka: Optimizing Temporal Queries
  2. Aaron Bertrand: T-SQL: Bad Habits and Best Practices
  3. Karen Lopez: Database  Design Contention Issues
  4. Benjamin Nevares: Dive into the Query Optimizer – Undocumented Insight
  5. Allan Michell: The secret to pain-free database deployments? Automation.
  6. Mladen Prajdic: Optimizing database access and diving into .Net SqlClient
  7. Christina E. Leo: Building Your T-SQL Toolkit: Window Function Fundamentals
  8. Andreas Wolter: “SQL Attack..ed” – SQL Server under attack: SQL Injection
  9. Itzik Ben-Gan: T-SQL Tips and Tricks
  10. Scott Klein: Patterns & Practices for Scaling Windows Azure SQL Database


  1. Benjamin Wright-Jones: Microsoft Analytics: the Next Wave
  2. Chris Webb: Power Query: Beyond the Basics
  3. Allan Mitchel: A Look at 3 Big Data Tools
  4. Bob Duffy: Optimizing Cube Processing
  5. Jenifer Stirrup: A One Hour Data Analyst Toolkit: using R and Power BI
  6. David Peter Hansen: SSIS Internals and Performance
  7. Marco Russo: DAX Patterns
  8. Allan Mitchell: Basket Analysis using BI Office and SSAS Tabular edition
  9. John Welch: Continuous Delivery for Data Warehouses and Marts
  10. Marco Russo: DAX Patterns
  11. Brian Knight: Performance Tuning SQL Server Integration Services
  12. Alberto Ferrari: Advanced Modelling with Analysis Services Tabular

On Saturday 19th July there will be 18 DBA sessions, 14 Database Development sessions and 16 BI sessions (plus 1 Career session), starting from 8:10 until 17:00.


  1. David Peter Hansen: Integration Services (SSIS) for DBA
  2. Chris Adkin: Column Store Index and Batch Mode Scalability Deep Dive
  3. Richard Douglas: The Day After Tomorrow: Why You Need a Baseline
  4. Katherine Bean: Data Security in a Post Snowden World
  5. Dr Subramani Paravasivam: Advanced Reporting Technique and Managing Reports
  6. Allan Hirt: SQL Server Storage vNext: Welcome to the Future
  7. Grant Finchley: Getting Started Reading Execution Plans
  8. Rob Volk: Revenge: The SQL!
  9. Matan Yungman: Things You Can Find in Plan Cache
  10. Eduard Erwee: Hadoop: Big Data or Big Deal?
  11. Mark Broadbent: The Nicromonicon, SQL Server Book of the Dead
  12. Christian Bolton: Extending Your Data Centre to the Cloud with SQL Server 2014
  13. James Skipwith: SQL 2014 In-Memory Design Pattern #1: The Flaming Partition
  14. Brent Ozar: How to Pick SQL Server Hardware
  15. Scott Klein: Top 5 SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Features
  16. Andre Kamman: How to Write Professional PowerShell Scripts
  17. Thomas LaRock: Monitoring Databases in a Virtual Environment
  18. Neil Hambly: Effective Index Partitioning, Compression Strategy

Database Development:

  1. Benjamin Nevarez: Understanding Parameter Sniffing
  2. Itzik Ben-Gan: T-SQL Tips and Tricks
  3. Geoff Clark: T4 Templating with SSDT using SQL Server 2014
  4. Criag Ottley-Thistlethwaite: The SSDT Way or the Highway (sqlproj)
  5. Brent Ozar: How the SQL Server Engine Thinks
  6. Andrew Whettam: A Comedy of Error
  7. Denny Cherry: I’ve Got a SQL Database, Now What?
  8. Gail Shaw: Bad Plan! Sit!
  9. Klaus Aschenbrenner: The Dangerous Beauty of Bookmark Lookups
  10. Dave Ballantyne: Query Optimizer Internals: Traceflag fun
  11. Karen Lopez: Windows Azure SQL Database Design: Concepts and Trade-offs
  12. David Morrison: SQL Tips, Tricks and Misconceptions
  13. Steve Jones: Continuous Integration for Databases
  14. Bob Duffy: Migrating to the Cloud


  1. Jean-Pierre Riehl: Fasten Seatbelt and Look at the Data Steward
  2. James Rowland-Jones: Demonstrating PDW Integration with Hadoop & Polybase
  3. John Welch: Practical Unit Testing for SSIS Packages
  4. Carmel Gunn: The Irish Economic Crisis, Visualised with Power BI
  5. Mark Stacey: Is Your Data Big Enough for PDW
  6. Marco Russo: Power Query in Modern Corporate BI
  7. Peter ter Braake: Power BI, Zero to Expert
  8. Alberto Ferrari: Optimizing & Analyzing DAX Query Plan
  9. Niko Neugebauer: ETL Patterns with Clustered Columnstore Indexes
  10. Julie Koesmarno: Building Your Myth Busting Lab with Power BI
  11. Allan Mitchell: Introduction to BI Office
  12. Stephanie Locke: Intro to R
  13. Alex Whittles: MDX 101
  14. Adam Aspin: BI Tips and Tricks with SQL Server Reporting Services
  15. Gerhard Brueckl: Deep-Dive to Analysis Services Security
  16. Stacia Misner: Building a BI Performance Monitoring Solution


  1. Steve Jones: Branding Yourself for a Dream Job

Source: Retrieved from SQLBits XII Agenda on 29th June 2014 at 16:52


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