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15 February 2016


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It’s been about 6 months since I came across an automated data warehouse builder software called Effektor, based in Copenhagen. I don’t exactly remember when but I think I got it from SQLBits. The product is the best in class, better than the other 4 DW automation software I know (WhereScape, Kalido, Insource and Dimodelo). Effektor can generate the DW tables and the ETL packages in SSIS, and it can also create MDM, SSRS reports, balanced scorecard (BSC), and SSAS cube. None of the other 4 software creates MDM, SSRS, BSC or SSAS cube, as far as I’m aware.

It is 5 years old (2010), it has 40 customers, but it only run on SQL Server, not any other RDBMS. It runs in Azure and  it runs on Standard Edition of SQL Server (2008 R2 to 2014), as well as other editions.

All DW automated builder software safe costs, as I explained in my Dimodelo article. But Effektor goes further. It doesn’t only create the ETL packages, but also the cube, the MDM, the scorecard and reports. The integration with RS amazed me because, unlike SSIS and SSAS, SSRS does not have API interface like AMO so we need to create the XML SSRS files manually.

Now (6.3) it also have WebAPI, i.e. we can control the DW sync, data import, DW load and OLAP security from PowerShell via WebAPI. SSRS usage from the portal is logged, so we know who uses which report and when.

The only negative side I can think of is the financial strength. As I said in the Dimodelo article, and in the Choosing ETL Tool article, there are 3 factors which come above the functionality: the price,  financial strength and infrastructure. I think Effektor will satisfy the price and infrastructure aspect for most companies (companies who are a SQL Server shop that is), but it is the financial strength which is a question mark. Will the company still be there in 5 years time, or will it be a takeover target by a bigger company and have the product diminished? i.e. they do the takeover to get the customers, not the product.

At the moment I don’t see that, because it only has 40 customers and an excellent product, so it would be crazy for say, Microsoft, to be interested in Effektor just to get its customers. On the contrary, if a big company is interested to buy Effektor, they must be doing so because of its excellent product. So this actually plays better for the existing customers, because they will get better support from that bigger company, and the product development team will get better funding, as the product is marketed to the bigger company’s existing customers. The only drawback/disadvantage is that the bigger company might increase the licencing cost (to increase profitability to more demanding shareholders, and covering a more aggressive marketing plan).

Disclaimer: I don’t receive any rewards or incentives, financially or otherwise, from Effektor or any of its partners or competitors, in writing this article.



  1. Seems that they are already been aquired:!IMS-Health-acquires-Effektor/co0t/55dc4a6d0cf2c407286132bd

    Comment by momobo — 22 February 2016 @ 7:05 pm | Reply

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