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4 November 2018

A few DAX functions

Filed under: Data Warehousing — Vincent Rainardi @ 2:34 pm

This query shows summarise, addcolumns, filter, union, row and format DAX functions:

    ( FILTER
      ( financials,
        financials[Product] = "Montana"
    "Sales", FORMAT(CALCULATE(SUM(financials[ Sales])), "#,###")
  ROW("Total", "Total", "Sales", FORMAT(SUM(financials[ Sales]), "#,###"))
  • The financials table is filtered on Product = Montana
  • Display just the Country column using Summarize
  • Sales column is added using AddColumns functions
  • Total row is added using Union function
  • Add commas for thousand separator using Format function

Canada 24,887,655
Germany 23,505,341
France 24,354,172
Mexico 20,949,352
USA 25,029,830
Total 118,726,350

Data source: link
Ref: Whytheq: link, SQLBI: link

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