Data Warehousing and Data Science

19 May 2010

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

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But you have written about that in the past, in SQL Server Central, you might say. I know, I know. I even spent the whole month writing chapter one of my book which main purpose is to explain what a data warehouse is! But I’ve moved on and have more experience, etc so may I have a different view? This time I’m not going to dive into the theoretical aspect of it, but only offer you simpler definition:

Data Warehousing: data modelling, database design, ETL

BI: reports, cubes, data mining

I finally came to these simple definitions because I frequently had to explain what is data warehousing and what is BI. And most people only have 30 seconds to hear the answer. Who knows, the above short definition might be useful next time somebody ask you that question!

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  1. Sorry but in my opinion the terminology should be as follow:

    ETL: ETL
    Data Warehouse: Database, Data model, Data Marts, Cubes
    Front-End / Business Layer: Presentations (e.g. reports, graphs, Dashboards)
    Analytic: Data Mining, Analytic presentations
    BI: ETL, Data Warehouse, Presentations, Analytic

    The BI is the term that includes and cover the whole Professional area.
    And a short explanation of this area require 60 seconds and not only 30 (which I have in most cases) and for those who have only 30 or 60 seconds only’ it does not matter what is the difference between DW and BI.

    Comment by David Shalev — 26 August 2011 @ 10:05 pm | Reply

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