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22 April 2011

Blogging Using Windows Live Writer

Filed under: Other — Vincent Rainardi @ 7:33 am


  • Simple, easy to use. Simpler than Microsoft Word.
  • You can setup multiple blog accounts and very easy to switch between them. Even if you have the same user name for different blogs.
  • You can add pictures. No need to load them separately to WordPress.
  • Font, colour, bold, italic, underline
  • You can set the tags as well as the categories. And you can set the post date too.
  • You can open the a post from WordPress, edit it and update it.
  • You can edit the source (HTML) code/script.
  • You have Preview facility (how it would look on WordPress)
  • You can see the stats of your blog in WordPress.


  • You can’t change the location of the local draft*. Windows Live Writer let us save our post in our computer, but it is always on My Document\My Weblog Post\Draft. I’m not able to point this else where. I’ve checked File|Options and Blog Account|Blog Options but there’s no option to set the directory for the Local draft.
    There are 2 drafts: other than a local draft which is on your PC, you can also post a draft is on your blog.
  • After you publish your post to WordPress, if you modify it on WordPress you can’t edit it again in WLW. Well, you can, but you get an old copy.
  • You can’t use

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  1. Hi Vincent, just wanted to mention a couple of other LiveWriter things I have noticed:

    The good:
    – Posting of a draft is very easy
    – Easy resizing in the GUI for how image will display
    – Inherits styles very nicely
    – Good preview pane

    The not-so-good:
    – Images are posted to a different folder & are named cryptically (i.e., the copy>paste ease of use is great; but there’s a tradeoff).
    – Copying code from SSMS into LiveWriter doesn’t retain formatting & color coding (therefore, I skip LiveWriter for code content–I’ll just leave space for my code & then paste it into my draft within my blog provider software).

    Overall, I like LiveWriter & I use it a lot.


    Comment by Melissa Coates — 22 April 2011 @ 3:06 pm | Reply

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